Performance Measurement

I.T.I. Corporation challenged itself to achieve six growth targets by tapping on its strengths as a venture capitalist and the holding company for ITI Group of Members. In the past few years, the Group has achieved stable growth, strong earnings and significant returns in the process.

To continue to create value and deliver returns, I.T.I. Corporation established a set of stretched targets to be achieved in five years, starting FY18/19. These performance indicators focus the Group on maintaining a disciplined approach in executing the business strategy of expanding the company portfolio, aiming to provide a one stop solution for marine engineering solution and expand our present to global worldwide.

Indicator FY17/18 Results Five Year Targets
(By FY23/24)
Average 5yrs ROI 18.2%
(from FY13/14)
26 – 33%
(five-year starting FY18/19)
Revenue Growth 6.4%
(from FY16/17)
15 – 25%
(five-year starting FY18/19)
Total Investment / Assets S$70 million S$120 million – 200 million